Founder: Peggy Stahr

Margaret (Peggy) Stahr

Mrs. Stahr has given presentations of her Title I Reading program at State and National School Board Conventions, State, Regional and International (Toronto) IRA Conferences, State Staff Development Symposiums, and a regional Chapter I Conference. In addition, she has given awareness sessions for the A-Z Reading program (formerly titled Project Read) to a number of groups in the area.

Mrs. Stahr received the full training in Project Read from the program originators, Tori Green and Mary Lee Enfield, in Bloomington, Minnesota in the summer of 1989. She has served as the coordinator for the Project Read program in the Centennial School since then, and implemented a practical use of the program with her students over a 15 year period in her Title 1 Reading classroom. Since the summer of 1991, Stahr has been teaching teachers in college level A-Z Reading classes sponsored by Wayne State, Chadron State, or Peru State College. She finds this opportunity exciting and professionally satisfying — a thrilling way to be helping kids.

A-Z Reading students have achieved remarkable success in learning to read in their own classrooms at numerous sites throughout the country and at Centennial. Nebraska and Iowa teachers who have taken the A-Z Reading summer classes are excited with the results they see in their students, and with the fun they and the students have using the program.